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Product Detail : TEFLON - Teflon® Hand Pump
TEFLON - Teflon® Hand Pump - Rotary Hand Pump

The Teflon® barrel pump is a lightweight, fully rotary pump for chemical resistance, but for extremely aggressive chemicals and solvents and highly concentrated acids and alkalis up to 100%. Supplied with 19mm outlet pipe, 3 part (390mm) intake tube (assembles to 1200mm), barrel adaptor and operating handle. Alternative adaptors are available, as an optional extra, to enable use of pump on a barrel/container without a 2" BSPf connection. Constructed exclusively from Teflon® and 304 stainless steel. Suitable for extremely aggressive chemicals and solvents, highly concentrated acids and alkalis up to 100%. We strongly recommend that you provide our Sales Department with written details of your application so that the correct selection can be made. Static electricity may be generated by the operation of rotary pumps. In order to prevent sparking caused by static build-up, when pumping flammable liquids an insulated bonding wire must be used i.e. the container must be grounded to earth by means of a conductive earthing lead, fastened between the container and a suitable grounded earth point.

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