At Obart Pumps, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact.  In addition to being accredited with ISO 14001, we are WEEE registered and work with the British Standard for sustainable procurement, BS8903.

Since 2011 we have been calculating our carbon footprint. Since 2012 we have installed solar panels, introduced a bike to work scheme and purchased low emission cars. Per year, the solar panels now save 6.86 tonnes of carbon and the average carbon output saving for commuting is 0.7 tonnes per employee.

Obart pumps take the WEEEWe are WEEE registered and hence we are part of a producer compliance scheme (registration number WEE/JH4179SR). WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) is a system in the UK to take back, reuse and treat recycled electrical equipment. The aim of it is to reduce the amount of untreated electrical waste going to landfill or which is damaging the environment. We pay a fee for the electrical items we import and this helps fund the Environment Agency with their efforts to tackle this type of waste.

We are the UK’s only privately owned pump distributor who operates such a sustainable policy and holds all these green credentials.  Our future objectives are to reduce our carbon emissions further, create an effective recycling programme for pumps that have reached the end of their useful life and keep it cost neutral. Customers will then be able to purchase from a genuinely “green” source without having to pay a premium for it.