• 2 weeks 23 hours

    Two 3 phase Tsurumi pumps being prepared for next day delivery, directly from stock.

  • 2 months 2 weeks

    Skill shortages continue to grow in the tool and plant hire industry. Some workshop engineers and fitters have not had the opportunity to become thoroughly trained, through apprenticeships or learning from extensive practical experience.

  • 3 months 2 weeks

    David White, who spent over 10 years with Obart Pumps, enjoyed poetry as much as pumps.

  • 3 months 3 weeks

    We recieved an email from our customer Dave, and we are very glad that it turned out well. 

    "I had a worrying moment this morning - I was moving water between butts with my pump.

  • 3 months 4 weeks

    If you are here you are looking for solution how to connect Simplex control panel to the Tsurumi Pump LSC1.4S with level control SwitcH2O.  In front of you there is the 

  • 3 months 4 weeks

    Simple instruction how to set up Trevi Logic variable freqency drive. 

    Mount the device in a vertical position directly on the pump outlet or between the pump and the first user. 

  • 3 months 4 weeks

    We took a call recently from Fowler Hire & Sales, of Bridport in Dorset, who wanted to buy a spare part for one of their hire fleet submersible pumps.  They said the pump was the model S400, but one of these was la