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Today we are filming for our website and YouTube channel. 

We're focusing on the automatic Tsurumi pumps and their on/off points when the water rises and falls. Pictured is the HS24.S with an electronic sensor switch and the LB-480 with a pendant float switch.

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The HS series is a lightweight and robust range of single-phase contractors’ pumps used widely by tool rental companies, utilities and in the construction industry. The hydraulic design features a double mechanical seal, with an oil lifter, for positive seal lubrication in any operating position; the spiral shape minimizes clogging. These combine with a urethane impeller, stirrer and cast iron pump chamber to give excellent wear and blockage resistance in water that contains sand and silt. The high-performance motor enables long periods of operation while partially submerged.Available as manual or with a pendant float switch, for automatic operation.

No alternative text description for this imageThe LB series submersible water pumps are extremely robust, compact contractor pumps, that have a 50mm (2”) outlet and a tough pressed steel strainer base and body. A choice of 0.48kW, 0.75kW and 1.5kW motors assist cost-effective pump selection. They all offer excellent durability during periods of continuous use and/or operator abuse.

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