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Obart Pumps Helping in the Battle Against Climate Change

  • 2 min read

Obart Pumps has thrown its support behind Real Ice CIC, a North Wales-based startup that is aiming to help refreeze the Arctic.


Real Ice is taking direct action on climate change by designing wind-powered machines to restore Arctic sea ice and help indigenous communities and wildlife at risk from global warming.


Obart Pumps has supplied a free Tsurumi submersible pump and pump engineering expertise to assist Real Ice’s efforts. The pump forms a vital part of Real Ice’s re-icing machine, as the machine pumps water from under the ice to freeze into a new layer on top it.


Global warming is happening faster in the Arctic than anywhere else in the world. It fragments communities, obstructs transport, impacts on livelihoods and affects wildlife such as polar bears, seals and walrus which rely on stable sea ice to hunt and breed.


Real Ice’s re-icing machine is designed to reverse global warming, as increased ice cover reflects more solar radiation back into space. The machines are also intended to boost the economy of local indigenous communities as a business opportunity maintained and operated by local people.


Cian Sherwin, Managing Director of Real Ice said: “We at Real Ice are delighted to be using the Tsurumi pump to incorporate into our Real Ice re-icing machine prototype, and allow for our Community Interest Company to begin a crucial testing stage in the Arctic to prove how well our machine performs under the wintery conditions of the great northern regions of Canada. We wish to thank Obart and Tsurumi on behalf of all of us here at Real Ice and look forward to collaborating with them in the future.”


The Obart pump is a vital part of the Real Ice re-icing machine. Positioned down a hole drilled right through the sea ice, it uses electricity generated from a renewable source to lift water from below onto the top of the sea ice. The naturally cold northern environment then freezes the water, making new ice that will replenish losses due to climate change.

Pete McMutrie , Sales Director of Obart Pumps added: “ We are really excited to be supporting Real Ice in this fantastic project. We quickly enlisted the help of the technical team at Tsurumi Europe who were delighted to provide the information and analysis for the pump that will be installed in the re-icing machine. Initiatives such as this should be applauded and supported with the aim of improving local communities and benefitting the environment in the future.”         

The Real Ice team is in the process of testing the prototype machine. Initial testing was carried out at Porth Y Wrach, Menai Bridge, on 25th and 26th September 2021.


Lisa Collins, Lisa Collins Communications.
Tel: 07968 840390, E-mail: lisa@lisacollinscommunications.co.uk

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