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Celebrating International Womens Day at Obart Pumps

  • 1 min read

Today we involved our female members of the sales team in some of the warehouse processes they typically wouldn’t get involved with. They were shown the daily procedures that take place and also the more technical side of the business.

Sam and Richaine were shown by Dez our warehouse manager how to fit a float switch to a LB480 and change a LSC1.4S outlet from a 1" to a 2".  Samantha stated that "it was good to get to know a little bit more about the products we sell daily and how they operate. Dez was a good and patient tutor. He made clear the importance of fitting the gasket to the pump and that the pump could easily fail without it."


Richaine enjoyed learning how to turn an LB480 into an automatic pump. She said "It gave me an insight of how the warehouse team work and seeing what happens after the sales team send down an order. I think learning about these will benefit my job and allow me to pass my improved pump knowledge onto our customers."


Hazel and Joelle got involved with the picking and packing process and assisted the warehouse team in sending some orders out. Hazel said "I was fascinated by how the picking process for our products worked. Following a picking slip was surprisingly quite fun, so I would happily help the warehouse crew out again."

Obart Pumps are an equal opportunities organisation. We aim to create a working environment for employees where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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