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MH-400 Pump Runs 24/7 for 7 Years!

  • 2 min read

Great feedback from one of our customers on one of our MH-400 pumps running 24/7 for 7 years!

Purchased in August 2013 by Mr Odedra, it had been running non-stop in his pond, feeding water to his biological filter. It finally wore out after being continually submerged, without any maintenance in all that time. When re-ordering the same again a delighted Mr Odedra told us that he has had many pumps in the past, but this one had lasted the longest. He said “my pond has a big stock of valuable koi and is exposed to high sunlight levels, so I rely heavily on this pump. My koi are always full of energy, swimming around happily in crystal clear water and they like this pump very much. They look at it every day! This APP pump is the best pump I’ve ever had!”Blog post againA biological filter works like a mini sewage system in a pond and must operate 24 hours a day (especially from March to October). It contains helpful bacteria that break down invisible toxins produced directly from the fish and the decaying of physical waste such as fish faeces, excess food or organic material at the bottom of the pond. The filter is fed by the pump then returns under gravity back to the pond.

The MH series is manufactured by APP and is part of our aquatics range of submersible pumps that are designed for 24 hours running in domestic and commercial applications. With motor sizes from 150 watts to 750 watts and flows from 230 to 380 litres per minute, they are designed not only for pond use but also in special effects and industrial circulation. All models feature silicon carbide mechanical seals, contain non-toxic oil and have a 2-year guarantee.

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