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Rob and Sam Visit Tsurumi Europe-Germany: May 2019

  • 1 min read

Both Rob (Supply Chain Manager) and Sam (Sales Administrator) flew to Dusseldorf to visit Tsurumi Europe for a week's pump training. We interviewed them both to gather information about their experience and what they learned while they were away.

sam and pump

“From the moment we landed, the culture and scenery of the city was remarkable” said Sam. “I took lots of photos which captured the spirit of the city. From a traditional German brewery to the local wildlife, the city was continually busy from day to night.”

Sam also mentioned her improved knowledge on four key selling points that make up Tsurumi submersible water pumps :

  • Anti-wicking.
  • Oil lifter.
  • Inner double mechanical seal.
  • Shaft sleeve.

In contrast to Sam, Rob manages our Supply Chain and has less direct contact with customers, so he used this experience to increase his technical knowledge. Throughout the training, Rob enjoyed learning about the Sewage process and the type of applications suitable which recycle dirty water into reusable water. This has many positives effects on the environment, and this is something both Rob and Tsurumi are passionate about. Tsurumi's guiding principle is to "Protect the Earth and the future of human society." 


“The quality and standard of Tsurumi pumps in comparison to other pumps in this industry was a highlight” said Rob, “since the trip, I am more aware of the durability and strive for technological superiority from the company.”

Intrigued by the culture and getting to know the team at Tsurumi Europe, Sam and Rob enjoyed their first visit to the Europe headquarters in Dusseldorf and can't wait to return in the future.

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