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The Design of a Tsurumi Pump: Impellers

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The impeller is the rotating component of a centrifugal pump. Liquid directed into the centre of the rotating impeller is picked up by the impeller’s vanes and accelerated to a higher velocity by the rotation of the impeller and discharged by centrifugal force into the case (diffuser). The collection chamber in the casing converts much of the Kinetic Energy (energy due to velocity) into Head or Pressure. For the most part, pump performance and efficiency depend on the type of impeller. Different variations of the impeller have been made to suit various applications.


Vortex type:

This type of impeller pumps up fluid via a vortex flow between the impeller and the casing. This prevents foreign objects from clogging inside, effectively providing a higher pass-through performance.

It accelerates part of the water to great speed, and this speed is used to smoothly move all the water from inlet to outlet. Most Tsurumi Pumps contain a vortex type impeller.



Semi-open Channel:

This impeller is a semi-open type with a single blade. It has a wide channel extending from inlet to exit and allows foreign objects (solids, fibre etc.) to pass through in order to prevent clogging inside. These impellers have a back wall that adds strength to the impeller. 






Closed type: 

Closed impellers have a back and front wall around the vanes, to increase strength and create the most efficient flow.  Closed impellers are used primarily in larger pumps and can be used in applications that handle suspended solids.




Shrouded Channel Impeller:

Sometimes also referred to as a non-clog impeller. With a wide channel, the suction inlet and discharge outlet utilise the same passage duct. It has a similar shape to a closed impeller and is efficient for pumping liquids containing solids and fibrous materials.



Non-clog Impeller with Cutter:

The saw-shaped inner surface of a suction cover and a tungsten carbide blade integrated onto the impeller vanes create the perfect “cutter mechanism”. This essentially allows the impeller to cut any foreign matter that flows through in order to easily discharge them.


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