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Obart Take On Tough Mudder's 5K Endurance Event

  • 2 min read

Obart Pumps Team at Tough Mudder

Congratulations to 9 members of our team that participated in Tough Mudder’s 5K Endurance Event this weekend. This was to raise money for Dandelion Time.

Tough Mudder is a world class obstacle course, packed with legendary obstacles such as:

The Block Ness Monster - a 9 metre long cuboid that sits semi-submerged in chest-deep water, which you need to haul yourselves over.


Pictured is Jordan, our Supply Chain Co-Ordinator, taking part in this obstacle. She said ‘The whole day was brilliant. I really enjoyed the challenge that all the obstacles brought to us. We worked so well as a team and I’m really proud of everyone getting through it together and for some people conquering their fears.’

Kiss of Mud - with less than 18” of clearance between tangled rows of barbed wire and the floor of mud below you, you must shift to the finish.


Richaine, our Trainee Technical Sales Engineer said 'I found it challenging but so much fun. I definitely found some new fears I didn’t realise I had. It was so great to work as a team (and I can say we do that very well). Even strangers helping each other out.  On one of the obstacles, we had to go under the water and swim underneath an obstacle. One man said he would pull me through if I reach out my hand. I would do it all over again if I could but maybe push myself harder.'


The Mudderhorn - The tallest obstacle to ever be erected on an obstacle course, which will take your breath away. Standing at almost 3 stories tall, our very own great ascent is sure to test your fear of heights. Clamber up one side towards the sun, admire the view and then try to not look down as you scramble down the other side.


All the team did so well and collectively we raised over £600 for Dandelion Time. Thanks to everyone who donated. You can still donate here

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