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The design of a Tsurumi Pump: Oil Lifter

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All Tsurumi Pumps are fitted with an oil lifter, which improves the sealing performance of the mechanical seal. Without the oil lifter, oil would be pushed to the outside by centrifugal force reducing lubrication. The oil lifter offers added protection even in special applications when the pump is installed horizontally.



Incorporating an oil lifter stabilises lubrication and enhances the cooling action of the mechanical seal, so that the pump operation remains stable even when oil volume decreases.




Oil Inspection Cycle

Oil replacement Cycle

Mechanical Seal Replacement Cycle

Tsurumi Pump with Oil Lifter

6000 hours or 1 year

9000 hours or 2 years

9000 hours or 2 years

Tsurumi Pump without Oil Lifter

3000 hours or 6 months

6000 hours or 1 year

1 year

*Products targeted in this table are wastewater pumps only, and in addition, irregular installation (horizontal or upside-down installation) or pumps with reduction gear is excluded.


Benefits of oil lifter

  • Complete lubrication of the pump shaft is ensured.
  • Maximum protection against burning of a mechanical seal.
  • Maximises longevity of the pump even at low oil levels.

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