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The Design of a Tsurumi Pump: Stuffing Box

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A watertight feature found in *all Tsurumi Pumps, the stuffing box or anti-wicking block is located at the cable entry section to prevent water from entering the electrical elements and damaging the motor compartment through wicking or capillary phenomenon.


Tsurumi have considered every possible scenario that a submersible pump cable and the entry point might be subjected to in use.


In smaller Tsurumi pumps, a portion of the conductor is stripped back and sealed with moulded rubber between each wire of the conductor.


In larger Tsurumi pumps, a portion of each conductor is pulled back exposing the copper conductor. Each conductor is then fed through a fibre conductor spacer which fits into the bottom of the mould cover. Epoxy resin is then poured into the mould cover through a hole in between each wire conductor.


*Except selected sewage pumps, designed for fixed applications where user error and damage to the power cable is unusual.

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