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UPDATE: School Use Donated Pallets to Construct Garden Boxes

  • 2 min read

Back in September local school, Oaks Primary Academy responded to our advert on FreeCycle regarding unwanted pallets we had accumulated from deliveries that we couldn't reuse ourselves due to them being the incorrect size or damaged. The months leading up to summer we got back in touch to see the progress they had made, the results were remarkable.


Through their "Pupil employment scheme" and guidance from teachers, Key Stage 2 students ranging from ages 7-11 have had the opportunity to get involved in the creation of garden boxes. Although supervised the students carry out most of the tasks themselves from anding down edges to the final stages of assembling the boxes.



Mrs Mehigan a teacher at the school stated "We offer any jobs we think the students can learn skills from. There's play pals where children run games outside to construction." The students within construction are given 30 minutes of their lunchtime a day to work on the boxes made with our pallets. Ranging in size they are produced for different uses around the school from planting Spinach to decorative flowers.


The introduction of the scheme and the production of not only the garden boxes but reusing plastic bottles for hanging pots adds emphasis on how various items can be up-cycled in many forms. The outcomes of their work so far were visually rewarding and speaking to the students involved showed their passion for their work and are keen to continue leading into the summer months. 

The power of recycling has many long term benefits, for example, it conserves natural resources which are in short supply and protects wildlife and nature reserves habitats. By making small changes within our day to day life can have a positive effect long term, around 60% of waste thrown away can be recycled back into society.  

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