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80SFQ Submersible Marine Pumps

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The SFQ series features all wetted parts in 316 grade (1.4436) cast stainless steel for industrial pumping of aggressive liquids. 316 is commonly known as “marine grade” hence these pumps are suitable for seawater and salt water, however, because of their cast construction, they are extremely resilient during prolonged use in these liquids and many chemical solutions. Available in three-phase only, they are fitted with high-performance motors.

316 stainless steel is used widely in marine applications, but its corrosion resistance in contact with seawater is limited, so it cannot be considered ‘corrosion proof’. The corrosion risks increase with the effects of chloride concentrations, evaporation, temperature, aeration etc, (working individually or together); hence, the guarantee period for these models relates to the mechanical operation and may not cover all seawater conditions. The selection of a pump for a chemical application must initially meet the basic corrosion resistant standards, however, additional mechanical or physical properties in the duty may also need to be considered to achieve the overall service performance required. In each case please contact our sales department for guidance.


Item CodeModelOutlet (mm)kWVolt (V)Flow (l/min)Head (metres)Free Passage (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Dry weight (kg)


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