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Titanio Float Switches

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Titanio float switches are double acting for emptying or filling applications. These high performance and extremely reliable switches feature self-cleaning contacts and three protective layers, which enable them to be condensation proof. The need for an external and awkward counterweight is unnecessary as this component is integrated within the case. This innovative design provides superior balance and stability in fluids containing suspended solids and sewage applications where turbulence creates problems for standard floats. They have anti-shock polypropylene cases and are available with PVC cables for most sewage applications. For improved resistance to the oils and fats found in many sewage and kitchen waste applications, switches with Neoprene cables are also available. These are not, however, suitable for liquids containing hydrocarbons.


Item CodeModelCable MaterialLength
17-40-1003TitanioPVC5 metres
17-40-1018TitanioPVC10 metres
17-40-1024TitanioPVC15 metres
17-40-1022TitanioPVC20 metres
17-40-1006TitanioPVC30 metres
17-40-1007TitanioNEOP5 metres
17-40-1009TitanioNEOP10 metres
17-40-1025TitanioNEOP15 metres
17-40-1019TitanioNEOP20 metres
17-40-1001TitanioNEOP30 metres

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