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Flood Management

We have a range of individual flood pumps and emergency flood kits pre-built for at-home use. Browse our flood protection here range here, prices start from £15.
APP BPS Light Duty Flood Pumps from £66.00 GBP
Tsurumi LSC1.4S Puddle Sucker Flood Pump from £441.00 GBP
Obart Select HYDROSACK Flooding Accessory from £16.00 GBP
Obart Select HYDROSNAKE Flooding Accessory from £16.00 GBP
Fit & Flow Phase Hose for FloodMate Kits from £22.00 GBP
Obart Select FloodMate 4 Flood Protection Kits £656.00 GBP
Obart Select FloodMate 3 Flood Protection Kit £718.00 GBP
Obart Select FloodMate 2 Flood Protection Kit £582.00 GBP
Obart Select FloodMate 1 Flood Protection Kit £212.00 GBP

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