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LSC1.4S Puddle Sucker Flood Pump

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The LSC1.4S is a lightweight and robust single-phase contractors’ pump used widely by tool rental companies, utilities, construction companies and in flood defence. It is often referred to as a “puddle sucker”, as it can pump water levels down to 1mm. The hydraulic design features a double mechanical seal, with an oil lifter, for positive seal lubrication in any operating position, with rubber and urethane components that give excellent wear resistance in site water applications that contain sand and silt in suspension. The top discharge design forms a water and air-cooling channel and this, combined with a high-performance motor, enables long periods of operation in seepage conditions. This discharge can be fixed in horizontal or vertical positions to enable the user to position the outlet in the required direction and prevent obstructions from a kinked hose. An additional feature is an integral check valve which will prevent backflow of water from the discharge hose, retaining priming water for pumping to begin quickly. 

Supplied with 10 metres of heavy-duty rubber power cable.

LSC2.75S 230v COMING SOON (0.75kW-310 l/min-15 mtrs) AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022


Item CodeModelManual / AutoVolt (v)Outlet (mm)kWFlow (l/min)Head (mtrs)Dia x H (mm)Dry weight (kg)
10-10-1233 LSC1.4SManual230V250.4817011Ø196x38512
10-10-1024 LSC 1.4S (2")Manual110V500.4817011Ø196x31612
10-10-1256 LSC 1.4S (2") Manual230V500.4817011Ø196x38512

LSC & Sensor

The Sensorhas two 304 stainless steel probes (with detachable extensions), which are encapsulated in moulded rubber and it is designed for portable applications. The compact design and precise water level control also makes it suitable for fixed installations and narrow or shallow sumps. During use, when both probes touch water, the pump will start and continue to operate for one minute after the water level drops. However, if the water touches both probes again within this time, the pump continues pumping for another minute and will continue like this on demand, so keeping the water level constantly below the level of the probes at all times. The off level can be as low as 1mm, depending on the sump size or area being drained. Probes can be lengthened (by a further 100mm) with optional extensions, to enable a lower “on level”. 

Item CodeModelVolt (v)Manual / AutoOutlet (mm)kWFlow (l/min)Head (metres)WxLxH (mm)On Level (mm)Off Level (mm)Dry weight (kg)
10-10-1144LSC1.4S Sensor110VAutomatic250.4817011227x196x31685112.7
10-10-1222LSC1.4S Sensor 230VAutomatic250.4817011227x196x31685112.7
10-10-1057LSC1.4S (2") Sensor110VAutomatic500.4817011227x196x31685112.7
10-10-1157LSC1.4S (2") Sensor230VAutomatic500.4817011227x196x31685112.7

LSC & Switch H20 + Control Panel

TheSwitcH₂Ohas three 304 stainless steel probes (on, off and common), which are set in an epoxy-resin filled holder and it is designed for fixed installations. It is supplied with aMulti 1-Pcontrol panel and 10 metres of low voltage, PVC power cable. 

Item CodeModelVolt (v)Manual / AutoOutlet (mm)kWFlow (l/min)Head (metres)w x l x h (mm)On Level (mm)Off Level (mm)Dry weight (kg)
10-10-1252LSC H2O&Panel110VAuto250.4817011221x196x31615-405-4012.05
10-10-1224LSC H2O&Panel230V


10-10-1171LSC H2O&Panel110VAuto500.4817011221x196x316
10-10-1071LSC H2O&Panel230VAuto500.4817011221x196x38515-405-4012.05

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