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Ryton Hand Rotary Barrel Pumps

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Ryton's® are lightweight, fully rotary pumps for a variety of liquids*. They are supplied with 19mm spouts, 3 part (390mm) intake tubes (assembles to 1200mm), barrel adaptors and operating handles. Alternative adaptors are available, as an optional extra, to enable their use on barrels and containers without a 2” BSPf connection.  

Ryton® construction, Ryton® vanes, Viton® seals, Teflon® flange gaskets. Suitable for aggressive chemicals such as chlorinated solvents, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Not suitable for ketones or esters or very strong oxidising agents in a concentrated form (i.e. not suitable for nitric acid over 50%). 

With the exception of use in water and optional extra: barrel adaptor, we strongly recommend that you provide our sales department with written details of your application so that the correct selection can be made. 


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