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RSX(M)10 Horizontal Multistage Pumps

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RSX(M)10 are non self-priming, multi-stage, horizontal centrifugal pumps with all the components that are in contact with the liquid constructed in 304 stainless steel. For the pumping of clean water only, they develop high pressures from comparatively small motors and operate virtually silent, hence they are suitable for domestic use, in addition to industrial, horticultural and processing applications. Optional pump control and energy management systems are available (see here).

RSXM 10-4

Item CodeModelInlet (BSPF)Outlet (BSPF)kWVolt (V)Flow (l/min)Head (mtr)Width (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Dry weight (kg)

RSX 10-4

Item  Code ModelInlet (BSPF)Outlet (BSPF)kWVolt (v)Flow (l/min)Head (mtr)Width (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Dry weight (kg)
19-15-1259 RSX10-41½"1½"1.5400V4428016544225419

RSXM 10-5

Item  Code ModelInlet (BSPF)Outlet (BSPF)kWVolt (v)Flow (l/min)Head (mtr)Width (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Dry weight (kg)
19-15-1083 RSX10-51½"1½"2.2400V5430017051523527

RSX 10-6

Item Code ModelInlet (BSPF)Outlet (BSPF)kWVolts (v)Flow (l/min)Head (mtr)Width (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Dry weight (kg)
19-15-1170 RSX10-61½"1½"3400V6530017056223530

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