Help and Advice

Hi there, My name is Vince Virtual, but everyone calls me the “Pump Geek”. I’m here to help you with buying pumps from Obart Pumps online, but if you are just surfing please feel free to use it anyway. I’m quite certain if you spend a bit of time studying this section you’ll get to know quite a bit about the subject of pumping! I’ve not seen such a comprehensive and easy to follow “help and advice” section on any other pumping website, so I hope it encourages you to buy from us. We really want you to buy the right pump…at the right price…at the right time.



I’m here to give you help and advice with:

  1. Tips on how to buy a pump
  2. How to use a pump curve
  3. The types of pumps we sell
  4. The terms we use in our product descriptions
  5. The terms we use in “technical data”