Case studies/testimonials

Tsurumi pump OM2

We recieved an email from our customer Dave, and we are very glad that it turned up well. 

OMA2 Tsurumi pump

"I had a worrying moment this morning - I was moving water between butts with my pump.

It started doing something else and forgot the pump, which then ran on snore for about an hour.  When I remembered, it had cut out and the casing was hot enough to fry an egg.  I really thought I might have done some serious damage. 

I hosed it down and left it for a while before moving it to the next water butt.  I switched on and it started straight away. 

Of course, I shouldn't have been concerned, after all it is a Tsurumi!


He has owned this pump for more than 9 years and is using it approximately 3 times a year on his garden. It pumps water through about 25/30m of 1/2" n.b. yellow hose. It is used mainly for transfering water between his 16 water butts.