Pump Management

float switch

A float switch is a level controller that has a buoyant, water-tight device that lies on a liquid, actuating a micro-switch when the level rises or falls, turning a pump on or off.  There are various types: Agma a floating device guided within a tube (fixed directly to a submersible pump), Remex a floating device attached to a nylon cord (indirectly linked to a pump) and Float Switches, Pendant: floating devices connected to a power cable (linked indirectly, or fixed directly, to a pump)

Level probes and Sensors have metal electrodes which use low voltage and currents to actuate a conductive circuit, turning a pump on or off when they are touching, or not touching, the liquid.  There are various types: Sensor has two electrodes encapsulated in an impact resistant rubber shroud (fixed directly to a submersible pump), Probes have single electrodes that are fixed in plastic sleeves and connected to power wire (indirectly linked to a pump) and SwitcH2O (designed specifically for use with LSC1.4S puddle sucker) has three electrodes set in an epoxy-resin holder connected to power wire (indirectly linked to a pump)

Pressure switches are electronic devices that will start or stop a pump immediately when a tap is opened or closed and protect a pump from damage caused by dry-running or water hammer. When operated within the rated pressure flow and motor specification, they can be fitted to surface mounted pumps and to the delivery pipework of submersible pumps. There are various types to cover most applications: Logicflow for surface mounted pumps with positive suction, Logicpress series, for surface and submersible pumps, have gauges and pre-programmed settings, Mascontrol for large flows and Brio 200M when adjustable settings are necessary.

VFD LogicA VFD control is an electronic device that reduces energy consumption and pump wear, by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor.  VFD (variable frequency drive) is also known as adjustable speed drive, AC drive, adjustable frequency drive, microdrive, or inverter drive. In a pumping application, if an application does not require the motor to run at full speed (50Hz), the VFD can be used to ramp down the frequency and voltage to meet the system requirements. Logic SP-STP-TP are pump management devices that control and protect multistage pumps by integrating VFD technology.  Simple to install and operate, not only do they save energy and even out pump wear, they remove the need for pressure tanks, check valves, gauges and control panels.