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Delta Water Meters WRAS Approved

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A range of WRAS Approved water meters, with class A and class B accuracy, for clean water and water containing some solids. The domestic water meters are suitable for drinking water but all have frost resistant operation. 

The Delta is designed for metering of cold water that contains sand, dirt and solids, however, an additional coarse strainer is required "upstream" from the inlet. It is particularly suitable for irrigation applications, where high flow rates occur. It has a paddle wheel turbine which relies on a bore flow to provide the accurate measurement. 


Item CodeModelbore (BSPM/flange)max flow (m³/hr)continuous (m³/hr)min flow (ltr/hr)length (mm)
12-40-1022DELTA 5050-DN5063793150200
12-40-1017DELTA 8080-DN801251005000225
12-40-1024DELTA 100100-DN1002001608000250
12-40-1011DELTA 150150-DN15050040020000300

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