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KTZ Tsurumi Heavy-Duty Drainage Sump Pump

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The KTZ series is a range of three phase, contractors’ pumps which are constructed in superior grade materials throughout to give exceptional performance in harsh operating conditions. The hydraulic design features a double mechanical seal, with an oil lifter, for positive seal lubrication in any operating position. The top discharge design forms a water and air-cooling channel and this, combined with a high-performance motor, enables long periods of operation in seepage conditions. The discharge can be fixed in horizontal or vertical positions to enable the user to position the outlet in the required direction and prevent obstructions from a twisted hose. Maintenance and altering the performance of a pump is straightforward, with simple replacement, or changing of parts, without the need for special tools and a workshop. High-performance motors feature thermal protection, enabling simple installation and direct connection to the power supply. 

Special use options: IDS (individually screened cable) and sacrificial anodes (Please request a quotation) 


 item code model Manual or Auto outlet (BSPM/mm) kW volt flow (l/min) head (mtrs) free passage (mm) dia x h (mm) dry weight (kgs) 
 10-10-1267 KTZ415 4" 15 400 1980 55 10 350x374x906 146


 item code model Manual or Auto outlet (BSPM/mm) kW volt flow (l/min) head (mtrs) free passage (mm) dia x h (mm) dry weight (kgs) 
10-10-1282 KTZ615 6" 15 400 2800 40 20 350x438x926 146 


 item code model Manual or Auto outlet (BSPM/mm) kW volt flow (l/min) head (mtrs) free passage (mm) dia x h (mm) dry weight (kgs) 
10-10-1017 KTZ422 4" 22 400 2750 71 8.5 413x528x1200 296 
10-10-1031 KTZ622 6" 22 400 4000 55 12 413x558x1220 296 

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