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Layflat Hose 1"-6"

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The Layflat Hose, with its lightweight structure, easy movement and storage, is faultless for use on the delivery side of submersible, centrifugal and surface mounted water pumps. Requiring no real installation, except rolling and laying, it lies flat on the ground when idle, but with water pressure, it delivers pumped water to exactly where it is required.  

 - Yarn reinforced, PVC Layflat Hose.

 - Supplied in 100 metre coils or in cut lengths.

 - Hose colour: BLUE

 - Working pressure (bar): 3

 - Material: PVC


    Item CodeSizeLengthColour (Duty)Working pressure (bar)
    11-55-10781"  (25mm)6 metreblue (medium)3
    11-55-10911"  (25mm)10 metreblue (medium)3
    11-55-10261"  (25mm)20 metreblue (medium)3
    11-55-10931"  (25mm)30 metreblue (medium)3
    11-55-10841"  (25mm)50 metreblue (medium)3
    11-55-10741"  (25mm)100 metreblue (medium)3

      1 1/4"

      Item CodeSizeLengthColour (Duty)Working pressure (bar)
      11-55-10751 1/4"  (32mm)6 metreblue (medium)3
      11-55-10651 1/4"  (32mm)10 metreblue (medium)3
      11-55-10521 1/4"  (32mm)20 metreblue (medium)3
      11-55-10101 1/4"  (32mm)30 metreblue (medium)3
      11-55-10511 1/4"  (32mm)50 metreblue (medium)3
      11-55-10661 1/4"  (32mm)100 metreblue (medium)3

        1 1/2"

        Item CodeSizeLengthColour (Duty)Working pressure (bar)
        11-55-10111 1/2"  (38mm)6 metreblue (medium)3
        11-55-10991 1/2"  (38mm)10 metreblue (medium)3
        11-55-10351 1/2"  (38mm)20 metreblue (medium)3
        11-55-10951 1/2"  (38mm)30 metreblue (medium)3
        11-55-10791 1/2"  (38mm)50 metreblue (medium)3
        11-55-10871 1/2"  (38mm)100 metreblue (medium)3


          Item CodeSizeLengthColour (Duty)Working pressure (bar)
          11-55-10862"  (51mm)6 metreblue (medium)3
          11-55-10092"  (51mm)10 metreblue (medium)3
          11-55-10372"  (51mm)20 metreblue (medium)3
          11-55-10592"  (51mm)30 metreblue (medium)3
          11-55-10942"  (51mm)50 metreblue (medium)3
          11-55-10002"  (51mm)100 metreblue (medium)3


            Item CodeSizeLengthColour (Duty)Working pressure (bar)
            11-55-10343"  (76mm)6 metreblue (medium)3
            11-55-10973"  (76mm)10 metreblue (medium)3
            11-55-10563"  (76mm)20 metreblue (medium)3
            11-55-10133"  (76mm)30 metreblue (medium)3
            11-55-10413"  (76mm)50 metreblue (medium)3
            11-55-10013"  (76mm)100 metreblue (medium)3


              Item CodeSizeLengthColour (Duty)Working pressure (bar)
              11-55-10674"  (102mm)6 metreblue (medium)3
              11-55-10454"  (102mm)10 metreblue (medium)3
              11-55-10964"  (102mm)20 metreblue (medium)3
              11-55-10884"  (102mm)30 metreblue (medium)3
              11-55-10284"  (102mm)50 metreblue (medium)3
              11-55-10044"  (102mm)100 metreblue (medium)3


                Item CodeSizeLengthColour (Duty)Working pressure (bar)
                11-55-10896"  (152mm)6 metreblue (medium)3
                11-55-10446"  (152mm)10 metreblue (medium)3
                11-55-10086"  (152mm)20 metreblue (medium)3
                11-55-10716"  (152mm)30 metreblue (medium)3
                11-55-10686"  (152mm)50 metreblue (medium)3
                11-55-10926"  (152mm)100 metreblue (medium)3

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