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Sensor Level Switch

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This product is applicable with the LB Series

The Sensor switch has two 304 stainless steel probes that are encapsulated in moulded rubber and it is designed for portable applications. The compact design and precise water level control also makes it suitable for fixed installations and narrow or shallow sumps. During use, when both probes touch water, the pump will start and continue to operate for one minute after the water level drops. However, if the water touches both probes again within this time, the pump continues pumping for another minute and will continue like this on demand, so keeping the water level constantly below the level of the probes at all times. The off level can be as low as the suction cover of a drainage pump and the base plate of a puddle sucker pump, depending on the sump size or area being drained. Probes can be lengthened by 70mm or 170mm, with optional extensions, to enable a lower “on” and “off” level”. It can be fitted to Tsurumi single phase submersible pump models 0.40kW to 0.75kW.

NB This product is electronic, so damage may occur from the high current and high voltage applied during a portable appliance test. We recommend bypassing the switch, for a visual inspection only, during a test. 


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