Automatic Operation

Acuasystem 2 AL Rainwater & Dry Submersible Pump
Umbra - Acuasystem 2 AL Rainwater & Dry Submersible Pumps
Eurojet Manual Submersible Pump
Umbra - Eurojet Submersible Well Water Pumps
BCP20 Condensate Pumps
BPS Light Duty Basement Water Pumps
APP - BPS Light Duty Basement Pumps
Basement flood pump, pumping down to 3 mm
SV submersible drainage and sewage pump
APP - SV Portable Submersible Pumps
Self priming pump FL
Obart - FL Self Priming Water Pumps
TP - Fish Pond and Water Feature Pump
APP - TP Fish Pond and Water Features Pumps
RS32EA Shallow Water Pump
APP - RS32EA Shallow Water Industrial Pump
Domestic Submersible Pump EGO 500
Obart - EGO 500 Dual Control Puddle Pump
Dual Control Switch, pumps down to 10 mm
Baby Battery Submersible Battery Pump
Umbra - Baby Battery Low Voltage Pump
Flojet Demand surface pump
Flojet demand pump
Mizar Submersible Dirty Water Pump
Obart - Mizar Submersible Dirty Water Pumps