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The GD sewage grinder pumps are for use in sewage stations and for servicing individual, or groups of, houses where drainage by gravity is not possible. They are ideally suited to applications where effluent is required to be pumped over a long distance, through a small bore pipe. The cutting mechanism is designed to pulverise sewage, soft solids or shreddable fibres. The high heads produced also make them suitable for agricultural disposal systems that feed sprinklers. The models GD-15 and GD-20 are available free-standing or for guide rail mounting when supplied with the guide rail (auto-coupling) kit. The GDH-15 is available free standing only. Available as manual or with a pendant float switch, for automatic operation (230v only).


Item CodeModel



Outlet (FBSP)kWVolt (v)Flow (l/min)Head (metres)Width (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Dry weight (kg)
15-10-1077GDH-15M1¼" FBSP1.12301003024017051025.75
15-10-1066GDH-15AA1¼" FBSP1.12301003024017051026.45
15-10-1060GDH-15M1¼" FBSP1.14001003024017051025.75
15-10-1027GD-20M1¼" FBSP1.52301802524018552030.25
15-10-1044GD-20AA1¼" FBSP1.52301802524018552030.7
15-10-1021GD-20M1¼" FBSP1.54001802524018552030.25

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