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Braided Suction and Delivery Hose (1/2" - 1 1/4")

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Polyester reinforced, clear PVC flexible hose.

Supplied in cut lengths or 30 metre lengths. Hose colour: CLEAR Working pressure (bar): 12 Material: PVC


Item CodeSizeLengthWorking pressure (bar)
11-55-11181/2"  (12.5mm)10 metre12
11-55-11191/2"  (12.5mm)15 metre12
11-55-11201/2"  (12.5mm)30 metre12


    Item CodeSizeLengthWorking pressure (bar)
    11-55-11213/4"  (19mm)10 metre10
    11-55-11223/4"  (19mm)15 metre10
    11-55-11233/4"  (19mm)30 metre10


      Item CodeSizeLengthWorking pressure (bar)
      11-55-11241" (25mm)10 metre9
      11-55-11251" (25mm)15 metre9
      11-55-11261" (25mm)30 metre9


        Item CodeSizeLengthWorking pressure (bar)
        11-55-11272"  (50mm)10 metre7
        11-55-11282"  (50mm)15 metre7
        11-55-11292"  (50mm)30 metre7

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