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Brio Electronic Pressure Switch

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The Briouses the same system and has the same features as Logicpress(see here), however, the initial cut in pressure can be altered (by removing the cover and turning the adjuster) between 1.5 and 3.5 bar and it can be operated vertically or horizontally. It is also has a pressure gauge, which allows the starting pressure value and system pressure to be checked. It can be used in conjunction with shower pumps in installations where there is a negative head, i.e. the shower head is above the water level in the cold water tank, and also where the pumps are supplying several outlets at once e.g. body jets, or domestic water supplies. It also has a built in timer which will automatically try to reset itself every 30 minutes in the event of a previous shut down due to lack of water. Suitable for pumps with 230v motors that do not exceed 1.5kW and 110v motors that do not exceed 0.75kW. Reset device not available on 110v. 


Item Code Model Outlet (mm) Inlet (mm) Max flow (litres/minute) Temp (max C∘) Amps Min-Max pressure Start pressure
17-40-1005 Brio 1" 1" 80 65 12 1-10 bar 1 - 3.5 bar (operating range)

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