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CX 40 Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps

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The CX series are single-stage, mono-bloc, centrifugal pumps with all the components that are in contact with the liquid constructed in stainless steel. They have a “back pull out” design, for ease of maintenance, which enables the pump body to be removed without disconnecting it from the pipework. It also allows the unit to be installed in any position except with the inlet facing down. For pumping hot or cold clean water in industrial and agricultural applications, they are designed for circulation, pressurisation, water supply and transfer.

CX40- 160/4

Item CodeModelKWFlow (l/min)Head (metres)DNMDNAABCEFGHH1H2N

CX40- 200/5.5

Item CodeModelKWFlow (l/min)Head (metres)DNMDNAABCEFGHH1H2N

CX40- 200/7.5

Item CodeModelKWFlow (l/min)Head (metres)DNMDNAABCEFGHH1H2N

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