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Drink PVC Cable Float Switches

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Drink float switches are single acting for emptying applications. They are approved in France for use in drinking water and hence hold ACS (Attestation De Conformite Sanitaire) certification, but not WRAS approved. They have anti-shock polypropylene cases, PVC AD8 cables.

Operating & storage temperature: 50°C, Enclosure protection: IP68

Switching current: 10 Amps (resistive), 8 Amps (inductive), 21 Amps (microswitch rating)

Rated voltage: 250VAC, Angle of differential: +/-45°

Drink Float Switches

Item CodeModelCable MaterialLength
17-40-1014DrinkPVC AD85 metres
17-40-1000DrinkPVC AD810 metres
17-40-1012DrinkPVC AD815 metres
17-40-1016DrinkPVC AD820 metres
17-40-1020DrinkPVC AD830 metres

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