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FloodMate 4 Flood Protection Kits

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FloodMate  is an emergency pumping kit which has a powerful pump, two packs of Hydrosacks  and discharge hoses for defending a property from low level flooding. Depending on which kit is selected, the pump is designed to pump water levels down to a level of between 3mm and 1mm. Hoses are light, easy to position and feature quick connections to enable fast deployment in an emergency. Supplied in a lightweight carry case, for easy movement and storage.

FloodMate 4

This kit has all the contents of a FloodMate 3  but the pump supplied is a Tsurumi TEM-25H. This has the same Honda engine as the WX10, but its weight is only 5kgs (dry).

Item Code ModelPump Supplied
26-35-1010FloodMate 4TEM 25H

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