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HYDROSNAKE Flooding Accessory

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The Hydrosnake’s are a clean, easy to store and fit alternative to sandbags for low level flooding. They are constructed from a non-woven outer material with a super absorbent core. Before use, each one weighs less than 500g but once in contact with water it can weigh up to 20kgs when full to capacity of 20 litres. In this condition, it becomes effective in defending and redirecting floods and excess water. With contents of eco-friendly super-absorbent polymer and pulp, they are easily disposed of after use into the ground or for incineration.

The HydroSnake covers 120cm when activated, making the ideal barrier for low level flooding by doors, gates, shutters, passages etc. 2 per pack, each one measures 145cm x 25cm. 

Similar in design is the HydroSack, which is similar the HydroSnake.


Item Code ModelNumber of packs
26-35-1002Hydrosnake1 pack (2 snakes)
26-35-1003Hydrosnake12 packs (24 snakes)

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