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KTVE Automatic Drainage Pump

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The KTVE pumps offer an automatic option to the KTV series, without the need for external control panels and cumbersome float switches. A sensor probe is mounted in a durable, moulded rubber bracket and, for added protection, it is positioned within the footprint of the pump base. Once the water level reaches the probe, the pump will start and continue to operate for one minute after the water falls below it. However, if the water level touches the probe within this time, the “stop” signal is cancelled and the pump continues to run until the water is cleared. To enable a lower “on level” (by a further 90mm), the sensor probe can be lengthened by fitting the electrode extender (part no: 090-126-15), which is an optional extra.

All models are supplied with 20 metres of heavy duty rubber power cable, except the 0.75kW models which are supplied with 10 metres. All models are supplied with a threaded outlet and a hose connector. IDS (individually screened cable) is available, at an extra cost, on 3.7kW and 5.5kW models, for quarry and mining applications.


Item CodeModelOutlet (mm)kWVolt (v)Flow (l/min)Head (metres)Free Passage (mm)Dia x H (mm)On Level (mm)Off Level (mm)Dry weight (kg)
10-10-1069KTVE2.752" BSPM & 500.75400320156∅200 x 4172046512.7


Item CodeModelOutlet (mm)kWVolt (v)Flow (l/min)Head (metres)Free Passage (mm)Dia x H (mm)On Level (mm)Off Level (mm)Dry weight (kg)Packing weight
10-10-1204KTVE21.52" BSPM & 501.5400425208.5∅240 x 486235802228.3


Item CodeModelOutlet (mm)kWVolt (v)Flow (l/min)Head (metres)Free Passage (mm)Dia x H (mm)On Level (mm)Off Level (mm)Dry weight (kg)
10-10-1037KTVE22.22" BSPM & 502.2400525248.5∅240 x 4862358025


Item CodeModelOutlet (mm)kWVolt (v)Flow (l/min)Head (metres)Free Passage (mm)Dia x H (mm)On Level (mm)Off Level (mm)Dry weight (kg)
10-10-1098KTVE33.73" BSPM & 803.7400830268.5∅285 x 5852979040

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