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MULTI 2 Steel

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Multi 2 are electronic panels to control single or twin pumps (single or three phase), with enclosures in metal or thermoplastic. Both enclosures feature lateral door hinges (for hands free use), external fixing (no need to drill the enclosure) and are IP55. The closing system on thermoplastic enclosures is with two lateral screws, while the metal is with a key.

Warning: 110 volt panels should NOT be used with centre tap earth (CTE) transformers, as damage to the PCB will occur.

Standard features include:

 adjustable overloads

 low voltage transformers

 operation with float switches, pressure switches and probes

 hand/off/auto switches

 input for float activated audible alarm,

 maximum current protection with alarm

 minimum and maximum voltage protection with automatic reset and alarm

 lack and sequence of phases protection with automatic reset and alarm

 motor klixon overload protection with automatic reset and alarm

 Provision for start up capacitor

 Siren silencing button

 N°2 alarm outputs 12V DC max 200mA for siren and flashing Led lamp

 Alarm output max 5A NC-COM-NO (volt free)

 Auto changeover (Multi 2 only)

MULTI 2 Steel

Item CodeModelEnclosure materialCurrent/PH - volt (v)Motor power range (kW)Motor current range (amps)Single or Twin pump controlAudio AlarmVisual AlarmWxLxH (mm)
16-40-1035MULTI 2-M3-230STEEL1-2300.37 - 2.22-18TWINNONO300x300x150
16-40-1036MULTI 2-M3-230VASTEEL1-2300.37 - 2.22-18TWINYESYES300x300x150
16-40-1039MULTI 2-M4-230STEEL1-2300.37 - 2.22-18TWINNONO400x300x150
16-40-1040MULTI 2-M4-230VASTEEL1-2300.37 - 2.22-18TWINYESYES400x300x150
16-40-1043MULTI 2-M4-400-10STEEL3-4000.37 - 7.50.5-16TWINNONO400x300x150
16-40-1044MULTI 2-M4-400-10VASTEEL3-4000.37 - 7.50.5-16TWINYESYES400x300x150
16-40-1045MULTI 2-M4-400-15STEEL3-4002.2 - 114-25TWINNONO400x300x150
16-40-1046MULTI 2-M4-400-15VASTEEL3-4002.2 - 114-25TWINYESYES400x300x150

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