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QuickStop Flow Regulator

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QuickStop flow regulators are designed as a replacement to conventional ballcock valves in water tanks to protect booster pumps, with high-speed opening and closing of the integral valve. These “advanced” models are fully adjustable, so sensitivity and activation levels can be changed by altering the angle of the swivel joint and the length of the float-arm. In addition to use with pump, they are also suitable for gravity fed system. Constructed in polycarbonate and stainless steel for operation in liquids up to 50C°, working pressures 0.2 bar to 6 bar, over pressure 10 bar. Dimensions (mm): 240x80x50.


item code type unit dry weight (kgs) 
17-40-1027 Quickstop flow regulator 3/4" each 0.50 
17-40-1030 Quickstop flow regulator 1" each 0.50 
17-40-1032 Quickstop flow regulator 1.1/4" each 0.50 
17-40-1036 Quickstop flow regulator 1.1/2" each 0.50 

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