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Viscomat Self Priming Rotary Pump

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Viscomat is a self-priming rotary vane pump for the transfer of oils and lubricants. It has an adjustable bypass valve (which protects the pump for up to 2 minutes during closed valve conditions), cast iron pump body, a steel shaft, which is fitted with a single mechanical seal, and has an IP55 motor fitted with a power lead and a rocker switch. Oils up to 500 centistokes, or ranging from SAE10W up to SAEW140 (gear oil), can be pumped, but flow rate will alter depending on viscosity and temperature of the oil in question (NB published performance based on 80 W oil at 20ºC, no foot valve and 2 metre x 25mm/1” suction hose). Maximum suction lift is 2.5 metres. Maximum liquid temperature is 40ºC. It is supplied free-standing, so for ease of handling and added protection, a full frame is a worthy investment as an optional extra.

>span class="s1">It MUST NOT pump diesel, water, petrol, chemicals, solvents or products with a low flash point.


Item Code Model Outlet (mm) Volt (v) kW Flow (l/min) Head (metres) Inlet (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm)
12-25-1003 Viscomat 1" (BSPF) 110v 1.2 30 60 1" (BSPF) 145 330 230
12-25-1014 Viscomat 1" (BSPF) 230v 0.75 30 60 1" (BSPF) 145 330 230
12-25-1006 Viscomat 1" (BSPF) 400v 0.75 30 60 1" (BSPF) 145 330 230

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