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Viscomat Self Priming Rotary Pump

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The Viscomat is a self-priming rotary vane pump for the transfer of oils and lubricants. It has an adjustable bypass valve (which protects the pump for up to 2 minutes during closed valve conditions). Oils up to 500 centistokes, or ranging from SAE 10W up to SAEW/140 (gear oil), can be pumped, but flow rate will alter depending on viscosity and temperature of the oil in question (NB published performance based on 80 W oil at 20ºC, no foot valve and 2 metre x 25mm/1” suction hose). 

Supplied free-standing, but a full frame is available as an optional extra for ease of handling and added protection (click here.)

It MUST NOT pump diesel, water, petrol, chemicals, solvents or products with a low flash point.


Item Code Model Outlet (mm) Volt (v) kW Flow (l/min) Head (metres) Inlet (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm)
12-25-1003 Viscomat 1" (BSPF) 110v 1.2 30 60 1" (BSPF) 145 330 230
12-25-1014 Viscomat 1" (BSPF) 230v 0.75 30 60 1" (BSPF) 145 330 230
12-25-1006 Viscomat 1" (BSPF) 400v 0.75 30 60 1" (BSPF) 145 330 230

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